The State Registration office was established on 23 November, 1940, by the resolution # 44 of the Ministerial Council of the People’s Republic of Mongolia on “Civil PassportRegulations”, which initiated collection and production of household data by age and gender. In 1992, the new Constitution provided citizens with the right to fair acquisition, possession, inheritance, and the rights and freedoms of private entreprises. Today, as the Implementing Agency of the Government of Mongolia, the registration authority is developing wide range of activities in the area of registration of civil, property and legal entities.

General authority for state registration

- Provides public service on state Civil registration, Property right’s registration and Legal entitles registration to public and business organization and citizens

- 500 registration units serving

- 77 Consulate and Diplomatic Representative offices in overseas provides registration services in accordance with the law

The following types of services are provided by GASR in terms of civil registration:

  • birth registration
  • marital status
  • dissolution of marriage
  • marriage restoration
  • determination of parenthood
  • adoption
  • surname and name changes
  • death registration
  • civil identification
  • travel documents
  • civil permanent residence
  • migration
  • registration of citizenship obtaining, change and restoration.
  • Family status registration of foreign citizens

The following types of services are provided by GASR in terms of Legal entities registration

  • Registration of Limited Liability Company
  • Registration of non-government organization
  • Registration of Foundation
  • Registration of religious organization
  • Registration of press and media
  • Registration of Labor union
  • Registration of cooperative
  • Registration of savings and credit cooperative
  • Registration of Partnership
  • Registration of governmental organization, office, governmental budget industry
  • Registration of branch, representative office
  • Reorganization of legal entity /merge, incorporate, separate/
  • Change of legal entities type
  • Renewed registration of legal entity
The following types of services are provided by GASR in terms of Property right registration
  • registration of property ownership right
  • registration of right to construct a building at other’s land
  • registration of servitude
  • registration of hypothec (mortgage)
  • registration of usufruct
  • registration of rent
  • registration of financial rent (lease) agreement of fairway transportation and airline.
  • registration of guarantee
  • registration of land possession right and right to use


The database of State Registration Agencies is the largest in the country, about 60 terabytes, with a total of 37 databases, over 400 offline subdivisions, and 2 082 files are used for election processes. Total of 42 types of software available for registration in the following locations. These include: General Authority Capital City, 9 districts, 152 khoroo 21 aimags and 330 soums, 77 diplomatic missions in 31 countries.

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